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Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a world musical voyage, from Scandinavian jazz and European harmony to the unbelievable Brazilian rhythms and Indian melodies. The compositions derive their inspiration from the folk music of those locations and blend with the strongest component of jazz - improvisation. This creative scenario is the perfect space for Yuri Daniel’s fretless bass, joined by the inspiration and expressiveness of Vicky
Marques’ drums and Cláudio Andrade’s piano. Barbara Lagido leads masterfully with her voice, singing lyrics in French, English and Portuguese.

Impressive lighting, strong rhythms and captivating melodies, with a lot of improvisation and the beautiful jazz references make up the plural landscape which is the essence of the Northern Lights concert.


Barbara Lagido

Multidisciplinary artist for whom the performance aspect is always present in her every concert. Her instrument of choice is the voice, from times used in an unconventional way, with a characteristic tendency for improvisation.


The singing, the movements, the acting and the performance are always intertwined with her constant character.


Yuri Daniel

Born in Brazil, at the age of 14, Yuri already performed in jazz concerts in Curitiba with his first double bass. He settled in Portugal in the 80s, when he studied at the School of Jazz at Lisbon Hot Club. Ever since, he has conducted an extensive and eclectic career, playing and collaborating with multiple Portuguese and international musicians.

For over a decade he has also been a part of the Jan Garbarek Group, playing by the side of Jan Garbarek, Trilok Gurtu and Rainer Brueninghaus.


Vicky Marques

Having music as an inherent part of his existence, Vicky started playing really early, at the age of 8, with drums invented by himself.


When he was 13, he started in his first band and ever since, he has been conducting a long musical career, in which he recorded and played with the most renowned names of Portuguese and international music, in multiple areas of pop, rock, jazz, popular and alternative music.


Claudio Andrade

Cláudio Andrade began studying music at the age of 7 and trained popular and erudite piano, starting to act professionally at the age of 14.


Pianist, keyboardist, composer and arranger, Cláudio has played and recorded in several musical projects, film scores and CDs, with great Brazilian and international music artists, such as Gilberto Gil, Milton Nascimento, Chico Buarque and Caetano Veloso.

Listen to the singles


1. Hands On Approach

2. Doux Mouton

3. Circles

4. Friend June

5. Her Love

6. The Place where I can lay my head

7th of September

8. Jimmy Surrenders

9. Volcano for hire

10. Fred's Baião

11. Batucada

12. Maracatu

13. Deaths

Composition of themes by Yuri Daniel, except theme 6 by Barbara Lagido, theme 8 by Tom Zé, theme 9 by Joe Zawinul and theme 13 by Hélio Brandão.

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